WATCH | Pune man celebrates quitting toxic office by dancing before boss with pals on last day!

“In a toxic work environment, even the most dedicated employees can become disengaged,” goes the viral LinkedIn post. 

Leaving a toxic workplace is worth celebrating, people in white-collar jobs often say. However, despite brimming with happiness, most make the “happy exit” sans celebrations. The best most get to do is to cut a cake or distribute some other form of sweet with their colleagues on the final day.

For, Pune-based Aniket, that wasn’t enough. According to news reports coming from Maharashtra, Aniket wanted his relief in leaving his job known to the public so much that he arranged a dhol band and danced as if nobody was watching! Among the spectators of his “celebration” to mark his last day at the organisation was his boss, reports said. 

According to reports, the people who beat the dhol and danced alongside Aniket were his friends who knew how harsh the workplace was for him. The crew waited for his superior to walk out at the end of the day to start the revelries. 

During his three-year-long stint with the said organisation, he hardly received any pay hikes or promotions and was overlooked by his superiors. Lack of respect at the workplace forced the youngster to look for other opportunities, the reports claimed.

The video, which was viewed by over a million people on Instagram, also showed Aniket’s boss losing his cool over the band and dance.  He was seen shouting and pushing people who joined his ex-employee.

“I think a lot of you are going to relate to this. Toxic work culture is so prominent these days. Lack of respect and entitlement is quite common. Aniket is ready to begin with his next step. I hope this story inspires people,” anishbhagatt, a verified Instagram handle that shared the video wrote.


The video also added that Aniket appreciates any leads to finding a better job in Pune.