Want to study in US or UK? Here’s a complete guide for you

Worried about filling out your abroad college application? Imposter syndrome got you stuck on your essays? Not to fear, because Professor Sanoj Ranjan’s book, The Complete Handbook for Applying to the Top Universities in the US and UK offers a comprehensive guide to the admissions process in the top two education destinations

The book equips you for every step, from crafting a strong application to writing compelling essays and securing impactful letters of recommendation. While the book caters more to undergraduate studies for both domestic and international students, it dedicates a chapter to postgraduate and graduate courses and also includes details specific to certain courses. The book even provides valuable links to scholarship and financial aid resources, including FAFSA, IIE, CBIE, and more.

Preparation is half the battle won for college admissions; with this book, one can do just that. As a future applicant, you could get an intensive explanation of the colleges and how you should mould and present yourself as a prospective candidate. From what to include to your CVs, your marks and details of the SAT and ACTs as well as a study schedule to prepare for them, the book covers a lot of ground in less than 300 pages.

The book serves as a valuable resource not just for students, but also for parents, teachers, and career counselors. It points out the differences and nuances of the UK and the USA two systems as well as further comparisons between different college systems, public, private, community and Ivy League thereby helping you make an informed choice. While the addition of student perspectives and tips on their application process and tests could have provided an even closer understanding for potential applicants the book holds to its title and does simplify the admission process for students.

Professor Ranjan’s The Complete Handbook for Applying to the Top Universities in the US and UK is your first step towards creating a winning strategy for your international university applications.

Author: Professor Sanoj Ranjan

Publisher: Hornbill Publication

Pages: 290

Price: 1799