Thai green curry, caramelised prawn: The OG Thai menu makes a comeback

One of the most popular and sumptuous meals, when it comes to Thai cuisine, remains Thai Green Curry. Indianised to suit the Indian palate, what we often find here is a thick and rich version of the curry. As per the chef at Bo Tai Qutub, Indians love a thick vegetable curry made in coconut milk that can be paired with rice. However, the original Thai curry has a thinner base and a natural flavour of the herbs infused intact. This is what they had in mind while curating their Thai menu which remains true to its origins. 

Talking about its signature salad, head chef Aryav Gahlaut says that the raw mango avocado salad is prepared using moon-shaped avocados tossed in chilly coriander sauce and served in arugula leaves, cherry tomatoes, raw mango pickle and garnished with dehydrated chilly coconut flakes. According to him, the menu had undergone several changes to suit the evolving tastes and demands, however, some signature dishes like the rice dumpling had remained in demand over the years. Thai and Japanese cuisines have also fairly been popular in India alongside the Korean frenzy. 

As Bo Tai Qutub, celebrates its sixth anniversary, they have reintroduced the original menu of Thai recipes that they had started with. Classics like preserved raw mango and avocado salad, alongside smelted rice flour dumplings and succulent lamb satay have been included as they remain popular among visitors. Subtle changes in the recipes and Thai cooking style is what makes the final outcome unique and true to its culture. Their avocado sushi has its own melt-in-the-mouth feel. 

(L) Caramalised Prawns, (R) Som Tam Salad| Bo-Tai

“As we celebrate our 6th anniversary, Bo-Tai stands tall as a symbol of innovation and excellence in the industry,” says Dildeep Kalra, director at Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd. 

Besides food, the restaurant that serves Thai, Asian and Japanese cuisines is also presenting its original cocktail menu- Full Moon Festival and the Bangkok Boulevard. Known for its authentic Thai cuisine with a modern twist, some of its other popular options include diced chicken sambal oelek paired with phad Thai noodles, followed by Belgian chocolate tart. The menu at the restaurant situated in Mehrauli is being presented from May 7 to June 7 at the restaurant.