Tamil Nadu: Depressed mother of ‘viral’ infant who survived fall dies by suicide

The footage of an infant who miraculously survived after getting stuck on roof sheets after falling from the fourth floor of an apartment building in Tamil Nadu’s Avadi had shocked the internet in April. While the kid was saved, tragedy has come back to haunt the family as the mother of the baby, a techie, died by suicide on Saturday. 

The woman was under immense mental trauma as she was trolled and character assassinated by online trolls who pinned the blame for the baby’s fall on her. The mother should have taken care of the child and if she was vigilant enough, the child wouldn’t have fallen from the apartment, netizens and fake accounts who targeted the mother had claimed.

The child reportedly fell down while being nursed by the late woman. According to reports, she was found dead in Coimbatore. The family had moved to the border district, the hometown of the young mother as she was suffering from depression after the incident.

Following the fall from their residence on the fourth floor of the building, the eight-month-old baby named Harin Magi survived as she got stuck on the tin roof on the second floor. Although people prepared the ground below for the imminent fall of the child by spreading beds, a man made a brave climb from the floor below to drag the infant to safety, the viral video showed. The rescuer reached the girl child from the first-floor window and caught hold of her by standing on the railing before passing her to the safety of an apartment nearby.

While the internet hailed the courage of the rescuer, there was not much sympathy for the mother.

It was the police who reportedly said that they suspected it was a case of suicide. 

Discussing suicides can be triggering for some. However, suicides are preventable. In case you feel distressed by the content or know someone in distress, call Sneha Foundation – 04424640050 (available 24×7).