Shah Rukh opens up about wanting to play a Bond villain

Shah Rukh Khan, while at the 11th edition of the World Government Summit (WGS) at Madinat Jumeirah, said he is too short to play the beloved British detective James Bond. He however said, “I am brown enough to play the Bond baddie.”

Khan was being interviewed at the venue when the actor joked about not being a legend. When the interviewer asked the actor for his name again, the Pathaan actor said, “I am James Bond.” when asked if he would like to play Bond, he replied, “I really wanted to, but I think I am too short.”

Recently, actor Yash and director of Toxic, Geetu Mohandas approached Khan for a cameo in the film. The actor has yet to make a decision on the same. Khan said he received no substantial offers from Hollywood. “Nobody has offered me any crossover work of substance. I may have had conversations with people. I know lots of lovely people from the West, from the English film industry, from the American film industry, but nobody has offered me any work,” he said.

Khan was reportedly offered the role of the host of the game show on the movie, Slumdog Millionaire, which he turned down. “I was doing Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Indian version) on television, but I just felt that in the story being told, the guy who was hosting was very mean.” The role eventually went to Anil Kapoor.