Netflix removes Nayanthara’s Annapoorani, Zee5 apologises to VHP

Streaming service Netflix on Thursday, removed Annapoorani, the movie starring Nayanthara from the platform. The decision was made after Hindu right-wing groups kicked up controversy that certain scenes in the movie hurt Hindu religious sentiments.

Zee5, the producers of Annapoorani also issued an apology to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The apology letter stated, “We have no intentions as co-producers of the Hindu and Brahmin communities and would hereby like to apologise for the inconvenience and hurt caused to the respective communities.” 

The letter also mentioned that the film would be edited to remove the parts that were deemed offensive. The movie already had a theatrical release in Tamil Nadu in December. Annapoorani follows the story of a woman from the Brahmin caste, who goes on to become a top chef. However, right-wing activists opposed to scenes in the movie, where she eats and cooks meat, and befriends a Muslim man; and the film has dialogue that suggests that Lord Ram ate meat. 

On January 8, Ramesh Solanki, founder of the Hindu IT Cell, filed an FIR filed against Netflix India Monica Shergill, actors Nayanthara and Jai, writer-director Nilesh Krishnaa, producers Jatin Sethi, R Ravindran, and Punit Goenka and Zee Studios Chief Business Officer Shariq Patel.