Nancy Tyagi: From fighting cyber bullies to couture queen

Nancy Tyagi’s journey to fame is nothing short of a modern-day fairytale. This 23-year-old influencer and designer based in Delhi, has gone from being cyberbullied to dazzling on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival with her self-made attire. 

Who is Nancy Tyagi?

Nancy Tyagi is a name that’s been buzzing in the fashion and social media circles of late. At just 23, she’s already left an indelible mark on the industry, by debuting in the 77th Cannes Film Festival, becoming an internet sensation. Sonam Kapoor herself has requested Nancy to make something for her.


Hailing from Baranwa village in Uttar Pradesh, Nancy’s journey began in the most unlikely of circumstances. She moved to Delhi later on with her mother and brother for her studies. During the lockdown, her family faced financial instability when her mother’s factory job was at risk. With the savings meant for her UPSC coaching, Nancy bought a camera, followed her passion, and started creating content. Her initial foray into social media was met with severe body-shaming and trolling, leading her to almost quit. However, she made a powerful comeback, with her “Outfits from Scratch” series where she designs and stitches outfits from scratch for 100 days. She also became popular by recreating the famous looks of celebrities as a part of it.

Shining at Cannes and Beyond

Nancy’s big break came when she was invited to join the Brut India Squad of creators at the Cannes Film Festival. Walking the red carpet in dresses she designed herself, Nancy made history as the first creator to do so. Her confidence and pride in speaking Hindi in interviews further set her apart. She proudly shared that not knowing English had never been a setback, and it had worked in her favour.

Winning accolades such as the “Disruptor of the Year” and “Favourite Fashion Heritage Icon of the Year” at the National Creators Awards 2024, Nancy’s story reminds one to dream and work for it. Her Instagram page, boasting 1.8 million followers, is proof enough of her widespread appeal. 

Nancy Tyagi at Cannes Film Festival | X


Nancy’s standout creations include a 20kg powder pink gown made from 1,000 meters of fabric, a 10kg caped embroidered lavender saree, and a swagger black outfit that blends a corset, an oiled skirt and a stole, all of which she wore at Cannes. It took her 2 months to make all her Cannes outfits, with the pink one taking an entire month. All of her creations on her Instagram page are awe-inspiring too.

Her pillar of support

Her brother Manu played a crucial role in her journey, assisting with video production and even suggesting the stunning gown she wore at Cannes. Together, they sourced fabric from local markets in Seelampur, and Nancy blended traditional and modern elements to create international designs. Nancy’s creations are not just beautiful; they embody her vision and creative zest. Her talent has not only won her fame but also allowed her mother to quit her job at the coal factory, a dream Nancy had always harboured.

Nancy Tyagi’s rise in the fashion world is more than just a personal success story; it’s a source of inspiration for young India, demonstrating the power of social media used for a good cause. Her humble beginnings, combined with her extraordinary talent, continue to break barriers.