‘My personal style is almost like a uniform’

My personal style is: Easy, monochromatic. It’s almost like a uniform. I like natural fabrics, with an ease of movement and close to my skin. No prints, no slogan, no logos. I am here to look at the world, not to draw attention to myself.

My personal style icon: People with simple, timeless style. Kabir Bedi, George Clooney, JRD Tata in his elegance. Also Gautam Thapar, Minal Modi and Jacqueline Kennedy. These guys did not know what a stylist was. They only wore their own style unconsciously. Kalpana Gandhi for instance.


Tarun Tahiliani with his forever muse Minal Modi

An item in my wardrobe that means a lot to me: Tailored linen jaali kurtas with bundis. All the bundis I have. I also love Brunello Cucinelli sweaters and BeSpoke denim.

My favourite souvenir from my travels is: I have these lamps from South Africa. They are long, curved kudu (African antelope) horns with carved ostrich egg lampshades.


Tarun Tahiliani’s favourite souvenir: The curved kudu (African antelope) horns with carved ostrich egg lampshades.

The best gift I have received: Read below

The best gift I have given: I am a huge giver of gifts. It’s lovely to see people light up and smile. Especially when it is not expected, so the best gifts I receive are smiles and more.

The last thing I bought: I just bought myself a car that I love. It cuts out the noise of Delhi, and glides silently with an AQI inside of under 10.

The last book I read: Shivani Sibal’s ‘Equations’.

The last film I loved: The five-part series on Cristobal Balenciaga. It’s a superb production and, what integrity and design! And ‘Anatomy of a Murder’.

My Spotify list would include these songs: Pianists Miichael Nyman and Philip Glass, and Aretha Franklin. I’ll also throw in some old Hindi songs.

My beauty/ wellness routine is: I take two minutes to get ready, if that! But we should also eat healthy and exercise.

My favourite holiday destination:The Eastern Cape in South Africa. Flying around on a microlight plane – landing at unknown places, walking and feeling winter sun.

I love to collect: Things that make you remember a time or story.

My fridge always has: So many things I should not eat. It’s the source of temptation for me.

Minimalism or maximalism: Modernism means both. Extremes seem unnatural and contrived to me.  Why not be natural and eclectic.

My home looks like: Pretty much like my home office. It’s a man cave. There’s a piano room with a grand piano, an acrylic shark and a banyan tree.


Tarun Tahiliani’s man cave

My favourite mix of traditional and contemporary is: Some of Le Corbusier’s homes in Ahmedabad.


A private home in Ahmedabad designed by Le Corbusier

My best ideas come when: I am walking or on my treadmill.

The best way to spend Rs 20,000 is: Give it away. It is not really a deprivation. Many need it more.

My idea of happiness is: Stillness, silence, when I am drawing, and there is no sensory overload.