‘Monkey Man’ India release: Why is the Dev Patel movie not getting released here?

Dev Patel’s directorial debut, the revenge thriller Monkey Man, is yet to be released in the country where the movie is set, India.

Monkey Man, starring Dev Patel in the lead, is about a young man who seeks to avenge his mother’s death. The movie explores the themes of corruption, discrimination, poverty and caste system, and appears to be set in a dystopian India.

The film is reportedly inspired by Hindu mythology, particularly the legend of Hanuman, Korean revenge thrillers, Bruce Lee films and The Raid: Redemption, the Indonesian action movie that was a trend setter when it comes to gritty action films. Action movie enthusiasts in India have been waiting for a long time for the release of Monkey Man, but it now appears that the movie may not hit cinemas anytime soon.

According to a report by The Hindu, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has thwarted the release of Monkey Man without formally banning it by not screening the film for the advisory panel.

As per the rules, there is a five-day deadline for a movie to be referred to the examining panel of CBFC. Although the deadline ended in May, the panel is yet to see Monkey Man.

The film was not screened for the examining committee of CBFC although the distribution house Universal Studios made a few changes to the original cut of the Hollywood action thriller. According to media reports, the changes made to Monkey Man include “clipping scenes which sharply emphasised the nexus between religion and politics.” Besides, the colour used in the political banners in the film too has been changed.