Kochi’s Amrita Hospital launches two specialised clinics for severe lung conditions

Amrita Hospital in Kochi has inaugurated two groundbreaking specialised clinics, the first-ever Dedicated Sarcoidosis Clinic and the new ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease) Clinic aimed to treat severe lung conditions. This momentous introduction signifies a transformative leap in healthcare services in South India, aiming to address the growing challenges associated with respiratory conditions.

These state-of-the-art clinics have been meticulously designed to cater to suspected or established intestinal diseases, pulmonology issues, and sarcoidosis. It brings together a dedicated team of multidisciplinary experts, including pulmonologists, rheumatologists, pathologists, and radiologists, to provide holistic care and support to individuals diagnosed with sarcoidosis or ILD.

During the inauguration ceremony at BUILD Summit-24, organised in collaboration with the Indian Chest Society, Professor Athol Wells, an expert in Respiratory Medicine from Imperial College, London, officially inaugurated the specialised clinics.

Emphasising the significance of these clinics, Wells remarked, “The launch of both these clinics broadens the scope of diagnosis and treatment, prioritising a patient-centric approach to enhance the overall quality of life. These clinics offer a valuable opportunity to address the pressing healthcare needs associated with sarcoidosis and ILDs, marking a significant leap forward in healthcare services in Kerala and adjacent states.”

He also added that raising awareness among general practitioners and paramedical professionals is crucial to considering the possibility of interstitial lung disease early in the diagnostic process.

“The general public may not prioritize these disorders, it is within the medical community’s hands to enhance awareness and expedite diagnosis for improved patient outcomes,” Wells added.

What are sarcoidosis and ILD

Sarcoidosis and ILD are distinct respiratory conditions. Sarcoidosis, a rare inflammatory disorder primarily affecting the lungs and lymph nodes are caused by unknown factors and often involves corticosteroid treatment. While, ILD encompasses a group of lung disorders characterised by interstitial tissue inflammation and scarring, with causes ranging from environmental factors to autoimmune diseases.

Symptoms include shortness of breath and cough, with treatment depending on the specific ILD type, involving medications, oxygen therapy, or lung transplantation. Both conditions necessitate thorough medical assessment for accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.

Dr. Asmita Mehta, Professor and Head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Amrita Hospital, Kochi emphasised the integral role of the launch in reshaping healthcare delivery dynamics in Kerala and India.

“The inauguration of two groundbreaking clinics focusing respiratory conditions marks a significant milestone in healthcare. With ILD prevalence on the rise, managing these intricate respiratory conditions has become increasingly demanding in India. These clinics are a testament to our commitment to providing specialised care, addressing a pressing need in the healthcare landscape, and enhancing patient outcomes,” she said.

Over 70 members including those from around the globe participated in the BUILD summit that unfolded over two days.