Kochi cheers as rock band 13AD makes epic return, releases new single

“13AD stood out for their near-perfect rendition of songs by artistes on both sides of the Atlantic. With no recourse to YouTube tutorials, or other such to understand the method to making music, the band figured out how to perform those songs. They had two generations of music lovers hooked on to them.” Musician Joe Peter thus recollected the impact of the rock music band 13AD in its prime.

Had Peter written the piece today, he’d have mentioned how the band managed to enthral the representatives of the current generation as well. 

13AD, which ruled Kerala’s rock music scene in the 1980s and 90s, managed another memorable performance in Kochi on Saturday. They set the stage on fire at Thevara Sacred Heart College’s Lakeview Ground during their second performance after the band’s official comeback earlier in January.

The crowd went crazy as they sang Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, among other epic songs. However, the highlight of the show was the release of their new single, Nothing Has Changed. It was written and composed by Mollywood music icon Deepak Dev.

Rock band ’13AD’ perform at a packed Thevara SH Lakeview Ground | Vishnudas K.S.

During the event, the band also remembered to thank director Amal Neerad who featured the band’s name during a song in his 2022 flick ‘Bheeshma Parvam‘. The scenes of the hit song Parudeesa included walls with the name of 13AD painted on them.

Founded by guitarist Eloy Isaacs in 1977, 13AD initially focused on singing covers at Sealord Hotel in Kochi. However, the group became a fan-favourite across the country following the release of their first album ‘Ground Zero

The band, which disintegrated in the mid-1990s, currently comprises Pinson Correia, Jackson Aruja, George Peter, Eloy Isaacs, Floyd Libera and Pauly Joseph. The line-up earlier included Anil Raun, Petro Corriea, Ashely Pinto and Stanley Luzi.