Is Meghan Markle trying to hide her feet? Duchess’s lengthy dresses raise eyebrows

Meghan Markle fans might have noticed that she has a thing for long clothes, whether its dresses, skirts or trousers. Some of outfit choices by the duchess who is 5 foot 6 inch have raised eyebrows as she drags them along the floor while walking.

One of the much-talked-about outfit choice was the long Windsor dress that she wore when she visited Abuja’s Lightway Academy during her three-day Nigeria tour with Prince Harry. Meghan was spotted donning the backless blush silk dress, designed by Heidi Merrick.

Though the term Windsor refers to the design of the dress, royal fans could not ignore the reference to Windsor family. One of the user commented on X, saying, “But they have been trying to erase the Windsors from their lives completely, but here comes Mrs. Sussex wearing a dress called ‘Windsor’, haha!! Even Mr. and Mrs. Sussex realised they are nothing without the real Windsors.” Another said, “Meghan Markle is desperate to have ties to Windsor name. Her strategic marriage and un-strategic moves since then have backfired. Like a dress with the name gives her the legitimacy that continues to elude her!”

The secret behind Meghan’s long dress

However, that is not the only occassion that Meghan chose to wear long outfits. In Lagos, she was seen wearing a yellow Carolina Herrera Silk Overlay Column Gown. In Frankfurt, during the 2023 Invictus Games, Meghan donned a brown blouse and taupe trousers that touched the floor. The 2018 Edinburgh trip saw Meghan wearing black trousers that seemed too long, even with her pair of heels.

According to celebrity stylist Rochelle White, she is likely wearing long clothing covering her feet to give the illusion of height. “Long dresses and trousers, depending on body type, can help to elongate the body and shape,” she told Femail. “They can make you look taller and depending on the styles can help to define areas of the body you either want to highlight or cover up.”