‘I listen to ‘Ik Onkar’ in the shower’

My personal style is: Changing by the hour but always rooted in comfort. Currently it is going through a bordeaux and beige phase.

My personal style icon: My mother Neena Gupta, the designer Haseena Jethmalani, and stylist Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert.

An item in my wardrobe that means a lot to me: The palm print sari from my first collection in 2009.


Sonam Kapoor in Masaba’s palm print sari

My favourite souvenir from my travels is: I was at the Gucci museum and store in Florence, Italy, some years back and I liked the salesperson’s uniform so much I requested to buy it. It was a trench coat made in jute, it was very simple and effective. I find that my best memory and it’s super useful.

The best gift I have received: Recently a friend sent me a very in-depth hand-written note on everything you need for a newborn until they are about three or four years old. I thought it was the nicest, and most useful thing. More so since someone took the time to write it by hand and be so articulate.

The best gift I have given: I gave a lawyer friend an easel to paint on, because he was so bored of his day job.

The last thing I bought: A one-litre water bottle. I have a thing for water bottles.


The designer’s new water bottle/sipper

The last book I read: ‘The Museum of Innocence’ by Orhan Pamuk.


The last film I loved: She Said, the 2022 film about The New York Times’ investigation of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct case.

My Spotify list would include these songs: Everything from Ritviz and Beyonce. The Lion King and Pushpa 2 soundtracks. Hanuman Chalisa by Krishna Das. Jawhar, and Rekha Bhardwaj.

My beauty/wellness routine is: Well, I listen to ‘Ik Onkar’ in the shower because it helps me set the tone for the day. A calm face is a beautiful one but before that there’s lots of ice, aloe vera, face wash, sunscreen and a touch of cream blush before I get out. And I never leave the home without a fragrance.


Masaba’s collection of fragrances

My favourite holiday destination: Florence


The Duomo in Florence

I love to collect: Fragrances and South Indian thalis (mangalsutra)

My fridge always has: Ginger ale

Minimalism or maximalism: A bit of both

My home looks like: A little bit like the moon – It’s grey, black, and white, and has clean lines and furniture to match.

My favourite mix of traditional and contemporary is: Fresh Gajra with a pant suit.

My best ideas come when: When I have nowhere to write them down.

The best way to spend Rs 20,000 is: Give it to someone who isn’t expecting it and needs it.

My idea of happiness is: Looking out for myself first.