Humorously Yours season 3 is a must-watch

Humorously Yours, the very first season proved to be another feather in the cap for TVF, given its crisp storytelling, original and fresh-from-the-oven script and loads of fun moments one could cherish long after one had watched it. It was so good that one could only hope it remains untouched by sequels and seasons’ yet, that is exactly what happened. We had a very forgettable, hardly interesting season 2 and that has been followed by season 3 this month. While the first one set the mood and gave us all the dope on ‘struggling lives of comedians, the second season seemed a bit scattered, and the latest, the third season which will drop soon on the platform, brings back the lost flavour and does everything right to keep us hooked.

Coming to the storyline — this is about the life of a struggling stand-up comic, Vipul Goyal to get that one breakthrough performance which will change his life forever. It gives a convincing and is an as -close-to-reality glimpse of how tough it is for a stand-up comic to survive and sustain, especially when there’s a family to come back to at the end of the day. His chemistry with his wife Kavya (Rasika Duggal) brought out that aspect, elaborately. This fictitious account of Vipul’s life in Season 1, provided a good amount of humour, with an equal dose of emotional gravitas that ran parallel to a well-fleshed-out script. Season 2, made it difficult for us to stay invested in Vipul’s story. Somewhere down the line, the plot seemed stretchy, languorous and uninteresting. Vipul’s journey of course went ahead and was far more meatier and accomplished, from the time he first started out, but the show could keep us hooked, only in fragments. Season 3, which is the latest instalment, corrects its previous gaps and gives us a good reason to be involved in IIT Bombay graduate Vipul’s life, once again. 

Vipul, who, by season 2, had evolved into a successful comedian who was also a pro at dealing with the baggage that comes with being a celebrity, is now learning how to up his ante. He is even more aspirational and ambitious. 

This time around, this slice-of-life comedy-drama gets its full grip on the plot and provides us with a very entertaining story, with the right mix of family drama and soaring professional ambitions. All three, Vipul Goyal, Rasika Dugal and Abhishek Banerjee ace in their delightful and believable delivery on screen, and a show which initially centred around the life of one person, Vipul, has now transformed beautifully into a collective journey that includes his wife, his best friend and confidant, his manager and more. This is our desi version of Marvellous Mrs Maisel with a male protagonist and the much-needed fix of a spice. It is a must-watch. 

Rating: 3.5 on 5

Starring: Vipul Goyal, Rasika Duggal
Director: Amit Golani, Deepak Kumar Mishra
Season 3 will be out on December 22.