Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams come together, talk about Suits spin-off

The beloved legal drama Suits is back. The new version will be called Suits LA. The new series would revolve around Ted Black, a lawyer, whose law firm is in trouble. Macht and Adams were shooting a Super Bowl ad when Hollywood Reporter interviewed them. 

Macht and Adams played Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in the original series, which remains one of the most streamed shows on Netflix. The show also starred Gina Torres and Meghan Markle among other actors. Markle exited the show in season 8, which aired in 2018. She got married to Prince Harry in April 2018.

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Macht and Adams hinted the cast from the original series, which featured Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman, might make appearances in the spin-off. When asked if they had any advice for the new cast, “Macht said, “If they can get their hands on a digital device where that can take dialogue and download it to a little chip and stick it in their head, it might be a lot easier for them to say the words every day.” Adams said, “Wear comfortable shoes.”

The duo, however, made it clear that they haven’t been asked to be a part of the show yet. Towards the end of the interview, both of them confirmed that they were not in touch with Markle, who currently lives in California.