EXCLUSIVE | Karan Johar denies nepotism, reminds critics 90% of directors he introduced were outsiders

Karan Johar has often been accused of giving preference to star kids and the allegations of nepotism is something he has repeatedly denied. In the latest interview with Namarata Zakaria of THE WEEK, Johar pointed out that giving opportunities to first-time directors has been Dharma Productions’ biggest strength.

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“I was very encouraging to first-time filmmakers, and I think that has been the biggest strength of our company. In all this chatter about nepotism, people forget that of the 25 directors I have introduced as first-time filmmakers, 80% to 90% of them have no connection to the industry,” he told THE WEEK.

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He also reminded critics about hundreds of technicians and other crew with no connection to insiders were given opportunities at his production house.

“But you get very little credit for cinematographers, stylists, production people that you launch or give opportunities to. In a crew of 2,000 people, a small percent are from the industry, the rest are outsiders,” he added.