Chandigarh ‘diesel paratha’ row: Dhaba owner blames blogger for viral video, asserts use of edible oil

A Chandigarh dhaba had shocked Indian netizens after a staff was seen making parathas using “diesel”. In the viral video, the man making parathas, a staple Indian bread, was recorded pouring a large amount of oil on the paratha. He claimed that it was not any regular kitchen oil, but “diesel.” 

After the video kicked up a row, demanding action against the eatery, the owner of the establishment has come out with an explanation. The owner, identified as Channi Singh, questioned the absurdity of the allegation, asking how can people be made to consume diesel. He blamed a blogger who made the “video for fun” for the controversy. The video now stands deleted and the blogger has apologised, Singh said.


“We neither make any such thing as ‘diesel paratha’ nor serve any such thing to customers. A blogger had made that video just for fun. It is common sense that nobody would consume a paratha prepared in diesel nor is it cooked like that. I didn’t know that the video was going viral, I came to know only yesterday. The blogger in question has deleted it and apologised to the people…We use only edible oil,” Channi Singh told ANI on Wednesday.

“We provide hygienic food to people here. We also supply langar from here…We don’t play with people’s lives…,” he added.

The blogger mentioned by Singh was Amanpreet Singh, who goes by the name ‘oyefoodiesingh’ on Instagram. Confirming the dhaba’s claim, an apology was found posted on Amanpreet’s handle on Tuesday.

The food blogger confirmed that the dhaba used normal cooking oil to make the parathas. “Chandigarh Administration, the gracious people of Chandigarh, and the entirety of India, I humbly extend my sincerest apologies. I deeply regret the content of my recent video and acknowledge the distress it may have caused. I am profoundly sorry for any offense taken. Your understanding and forgiveness would mean a great deal to me,” the caption accompanying the video read.