Breast cancer survival rates: India study reveals regional differences

A recent study published in the journal ‘Cancer’ has shed light on the five-year survival rate of women diagnosed with breast cancer across 11 geographical areas in India. The study, conducted among 17,331 patients diagnosed between 2012 and 2015, found that the overall five-year survival rate stands at 66.4 percent .

The study also highlighted variations in survival rates across different regions in India. Mizoram, Ahmedabad-Urban, Kollam, and Thiruvananthapuram had higher survival rates than the national average, with rates of 74.9 percent, 72.7 percent, 71.5 percent, and 69.1 percent, respectively. On the other hand, Pasighat had the lowest survival rate at 41.9 percent.

The study revealed that patients diagnosed with local-stage cancer had a 4.4 times greater five-year survival rate compared to those diagnosed with distant-stage cancer. Additionally, patients older than 65 years had a 16 percent lower chance of survival compared to those aged 15-39 years.

Although there has been an improvement in breast cancer survival rates in India, the study noted that the rates are lower than those in developed countries such as the United States, where the five-year survival rate is 90.2 percent.

The study highlighted several challenges and contributing factors to the lower survival rates in India. These include delayed diagnosis, limited access to treatment facilities, and factors such as living in rural and inaccessible areas, poverty, low education levels, lack of awareness, and inadequate access to care.

(With inpust from PTI)