After ‘Manjummel Boys’ success, Anurag Kashyap says he’s jealous of Malayalam filmmakers

After watching recently released Malayalam films ‘Manjummel Boys’ and ‘Bramayugam’, director Anurag Kashyap said Hindi films are so far behind. However, he was quick to praise ‘Laapataa Ladies’, which had garnered rave reviews but he is unhappy that such quality is not reflected in mainstream Bollywood.

Kashyap, while reviewing movies in Letterboxd, wrote, “Simply extraordinary piece of confident mainstream filmmaking. So much better than all the big budget filmmaking in india. Such confidence, such impossible storytelling. I was wondering how does one even sell this idea to a producer.”

“In Hindi they can only do remakes of such ideas. Hindi cinema really is so far left behind with three back to back brilliant Malayalam films,” he added.

For his review on Mammootty-starrer ‘Bramayugam’, Kashyap expressed his envy when it comes to Malayalam filmmakers. “I am just so jealous of Malayalam filmmakers… the courage, the audacity and the amazing discerning audience of Kerala that empowers the filmmaking..I am so insanely jealous.”

Kashyap was also full of praise for Kiran Rao’s Laapataa Ladies, saying, “My heart is so full after seeing Kiran’s such soulful sincere film. Cried like a baby. And seeing a packed house brings back the hope and faith in Hindi cinema and its audience. Beautiful writing, sincere and honest performances. Bliss.”