A closer look at Belkin’s BoostCharge series: Marvel and Disney edition

Belkin has long been a prominent name in the smartphone accessories industry, offering a range of products from basic cables and chargers to wireless induction power banks. Recently, the company unveiled its BoostCharge series featuring themed power banks, USB-C cables, and wall chargers, available in Marvel and Disney character themes such as Iron Man, Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and Lotso.

The first product in the series is the BoostCharge, a magnetic 5,000mAh (rated 3,200mAh capacity) wireless power bank (3.6V) designed to attach to the back of an iPhone, providing on-the-go charging. This compact power bank measures about 94mm in height and weighs 150 grams, attaching magnetically to the phone. MFi compatibility allows for use with a MagSafe-compatible cover or case on the iPhone, although it cannot be used with a MagSafe wallet attached. Made of plastic, one side features Marvel icons etched on soft cloth, while the other side displays the Iron Man figure and includes a fold-out stand for resting the phone on a flat surface. The power bank charged an iPhone 12 or iPhone 15 Pro from 1% to 95% at 7.5 watts in approximately 2.5 hours, with a physical button indicating the remaining charge. While it can also charge Android phones, the hold may not be as strong, requiring precise placement for charging.

Coming to the BoostCharge Pro Flex, this is a 6.6-feet braided silicone USB type C to C cable that can supports PD (power delivery) fast charge of up to 60 watts. This is a USB-IF certified cable for better compatibility across your smartphones – whether Android or iOS, tablets or laptops. What’s missing is that it’s a USB2.0 cable and not 3.0 or 3.2, so your data transfer speeds are capped at 480mbps or so. For charging, I found it reliable and do the job as it said. Perhaps the most interesting part about is its magnetic cable management system – you can loop the cable through the magnetic ring and attach the external magnetic ring to something like your wall or drawer so that the cable doesn’t dangle around and it stays in one place. The magnetic loop is all Marvel themed on this one and adds a nice little touch.

Last but not the least, the BoostCharge Pro is Belkin’s dual USB charger that’s GaN supported, meaning it has a certain industry standard to work across devices while being efficient to a certain extent. The charger supports 65 watts in total, and if you have both its ports plugged at once, then it gives 45 watts in one and 20 watts in the other – both USB type C ports. The charger has the Marvel and Belkin logo on the sides and Iron Man on the top. Whenever you attach or detach from one port the other port also stops charge for a second or so. I found it to charge the devices as expected. The charger did become a little too warm if plugged in to both ports for over an hour.

While the themed accessories are premium-priced, they offer practical utility. The BoostCharge Marvel and Disney themed magnetic power bank is priced at Rs. 8,999, the regular version at Rs. 4,999. The BoostCharge Pro Flex cable is priced at Rs. 3,499, and the dual USB (GaN) charger is priced at Rs. 6,999, catering to a range of modern connected devices.