10 best foods to try this monsoon season

Monsoon season in India offers a much-needed break from the intense summer heat, bringing a sense of rejuvenation and nostalgia. For Indians, it’s a deeply moving experience that evokes warmth and comfort. The monsoons are also synonymous with a variety of mouthwatering delicacies that will leave you wanting more. The sound of pitter-patter on the roof and the smell of petrichor create the perfect setup to indulge in some piping hot delicacies, cooling your mind and soothing your soul. From crispy pakoras to tangy chats, and sweet jalebis to flavorful curries, here are the top 10 foods to try during this rainy season:

1. Pakoras

The sound of rain is synonymous with the sizzle of crispy hot pakoras being fried in the kitchen. A glass of chai, a plate of hot onion pakoras, and rain, as the songs of Kishor Kumar and Mohammed Rafi play in the background is all it takes to unwind after a long and tiring day.

2. Corn on the cob

Golden kernels, slow roasted over charcoal and doused with chaat masala and a squeeze of lemon is a quintessential part of the monsoon season. Having corn on the cob during the rainy season is more of a ritual than just enjoying a savoury snack.  

3. Chaat

The combination of chaat and rain holds a special significance in the minds of people. A mix of different ingredients, typically including fried puris, paapads, zesty tamarind sauce, and spicy mint water; chaats are a burst of flavour that perfectly complements the cold rain. The contrast between the spicy chaat and the soothing rain is an experience to be savoured and enjoyed.

4. Pav Bhaji

A drive down to the nearest street food stall for a plate of buttery fluffy pav and bhaji doused in more butter would be the perfect food to enjoy this rainy season. A meal on its own, pav bhaji is that street food that could satisfy the cravings of the stomach as well as of the soul.  

5. Samosas

Crispy triangular shells filled with a mix of potatoes, peas, and spice blend; samosas are the perfect snack. These pockets of delicious goodness are best-savored piping hot.


(L) Momos, (R) Rajma Chawal

6. Momos

Served with mayo and spicy red chutney, momos are every food lover’s delight. Savoring a plate of steaming hot momos roadside, or in the comfort of a car while rain pours around you will feel like being locked in a warm embrace.

7. Rajma Chawal

Fluffy hot rice, a spoonful of ghee, and loads of hot spicy rajma (kidney beans) curry, is a perfect comfort food. The hearty and flavorful dish paired with the cozy atmosphere of rain gives a sense of contentment on a day that could, at times, seem rather dull.

8. Khichdi

Rice, lentils, and vegetables come together to create this perfect one-pot dish cherished during the rainy season in India. The soothing texture of the khichdi provides nourishment and comfort in this otherwise gloomy season. A hot bowl of khichdi with a side of achaar or paapad makes it another staple monsoon comfort food for many.

9. Jalebis

The crispy, syrupy sweetness of jalebis paired with the cool ambience of a rainy day is a delightful combination. Preferably hot jalebis paired with sweet malai rabdi, or a scoop of ice cream, offers a contrast of textures and flavours which is best enjoyed during the monsoon season.

10. Soups

Sometimes a bowl of hot, aromatic, and creamy soup is all it takes during monsoons. Various types of soups, from hearty sweet corn to creamy chicken noodles or even a bowl of spicy Korean ramen, can not only offer physical warmth but also create a perfect rainy-day atmosphere to relax and enjoy.